Friday, 20 April 2012

Conversation in a minor key ~ Wilma Tarr

If I had to answer your first question sir; "What makes you feel warm, happy and inspired to live another day, another minute, on this plane of consciousness?" then I would have to say - 

"Only that which is not part of man, of his heavy hand and its endless destructive path of ego, ignorance and empty values. This planet with its vibrating life - universe one verse of creatures & life forms of absolute beauty and perfection, the elements fire, water, earth and air, creative forces within. 
Forests with life in every inch. Oceans flooded with miracles and rhythm. Perfect skies. Animal eyes." These are my reasons.

Why they don't see it? Why they don't want to see it, show mercy, love? Why they can't stay connected and in awe of this greatness, respond to it? you ask.
Unanswered question

disharmony no harmony

this is what is dark 

oh and - even though out of darkness comes light - 


                      - - - - - -

Monday, 2 April 2012

..... Mother .....

There were no warnings Mother
only signs

Begging for one more day
to say
how much I've missed you
since you went


I feel your skin, thin with age
the shape of your fingernails
your love
your smell

to hear your Voice
to look into your Eyes
and see you looking back

Are you proud of who I am?

I crave
your love

not a child anymore
but still


these broken days
when I want to hide
because it is you I miss

hoping somebody will
pick me up
and carry me away
from this

Help me understand

Mountains now rocks

Ocean now a drop

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