Sunday, 15 January 2012

- Love ... -

It - "Love" - is not a word,
nor a single action
In truth, it can never be wrong
          Like the sunrise, perfect in every possible way
It is many things and yet it must exist
in the small space of the heart
Once found it can bloom,
endlessly, with no cease
It can choke one's throat, bring
one to tears ....
          But it never hides in shadows
          or in darkness
          It never feeds itself on deception
          It grows with trust, honesty and compassion
Nothing less, always more
- "Unknown"- 


Because of the way
the Light 
finds and holds you

I want to move

into the places of who
I am

Makes me
want to feel better

Makes me 
want to forever
be part of 
something else's greatness
and feed my own promise of 


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